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Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits At Alphabetz Montessori

Preparing family-style meals for students is our specialty and we do it diligently here at Alphabetz Montessori. This is the reason we are considered the best daycare center in San Antonio, TX. Apart from education, and self-growth, we focus a lot of value on the food that we give our children at the daycare center. It is our firm belief that this is their time & age of growth. From carbohydrates to proteins to fats, we ensure that each child is getting all the necessary nutrients in the right portion. 

Right Food Habits Are Inculcated at An Early Age

We know that this age group i.e., from 2 to 5 years are crucial years in shaping a child’s lifelong eating habits. There will be changes once they start growing up but their likes and dislikes towards a particular food begins early. Our teachers introduce to them to every type food. They will tell the shape, size, and color of the vegetable so that children learn while eating. We at Alphabetz Montessori, a preschool in San Antonio consider forming good food habits of utmost importance. 

Every day on our menu, there will be at least one fresh fruit that the child needs to eat after lunch. We have our kitchen where our cooks prepare fresh food before each meal. Most of the children do not like to eat green vegetables. Keeping this in mind we garnish each dish with colorful vegetables so that children like the arrangement and start eating them. Any parent can rest assure that we provide the best food at our day-care center in San Antonio

We At Alphabetz Montessori Know Your Child’s Likes & Dislikes

During the time of the child’s admission, we ask the parents to fill up a form where they need to mention the details of the food if the child is allergic to it. Every day we follow the Food Pyramid for our children for their balanced diet that excludes preservatives and additives. Our teachers do not encourage processed food or juice for children as it has high calories that give no nutritional value to the body. 

Every day’s activities at our daycare center in San Antonio are: –

Pouring practice: As we know it is a good practice to pour water in a glass and drink it. This is something we make our children do without any hassle. They pour water in child-size cups during lunch hours. This makes them independent and self-reliant.

Clean-up: We have clean mats that the children need to lay before eating. They also need to spread napkins on their laps while eating. These are good habits that every student learns from our preschool in San Antonio. Also, children get to take what they want to eat. They start using spoons and also pass the glass of water to the child sitting next to him. 

As the best daycare center in San Antonio, TX, we believe that every meal of the day is directly contributes towards a child’s self-reliance and independence. This is the reason we incorporate the meal times within the class hours. Nutritious food gives children a longer attention span, enhancing their learning capacity without making them lazy at all. 


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